Under The Wide And Starry Sky – Nancy Horan

under-the-wide-and-starry-sky-nancy-horanA story of the complicated, often tempestuous relationship between Robert Louis Stevenson and his wife Fanny. The setting is constantly changing in the search for a climate that is healthy, a search that eventually leads to Samoa. (Horan wrote Loving Frank which is also excellent)

Cataract City by Craig Davidson

cataract-city-by-craig-davidsonThis is a real testosterone-filled guy book starting with two 12 year old boys lost in the woods and then progressing to: wrestling, pit bull dog fighting, bare knuckle fighting between men, greyhound dog racing and finally another “lost in the woods” episode. Ultimately the book is about friendship and loyalty. This was a Giller nominee.

This is the Story of a Happy Marriage – Ann Patchett

this-is-the-story-of-a-happy-marriage-ann-patchettThis is an excellent collection of essays, non-fiction writings in part to pay the bills before and during her subsequent life as a fiction writer. The writing is very insightful, covering important and topical issues like censorship (her brilliant book Truth And Beauty was removed from a University recommended reading list because the book was too graphic in describing drug use, for example). Everything by Patchett is a ‘must read”.