Forest Green – Kate Pullinger

A story of Art Lunn in different BC locations. His life is defined by a tragic incident at 8 years of age, which he blames himself for the rest of his life. Consequently, he is unable to make commitments to other people, and descends into alcoholism and eventual homelessness, an acute example of how early trauma can initiate a life-long feeling of worthlessness. Actually, the story is less depressing than the above description implies, so worth a read.

Landing Gear by Kate Pullinger

Landing Gear by Kate PullingerThis book was on the CBC Canada Reads Long List. It is a fascinating story of a man who literally falls out of the sky onto a car in a parking lot, and the aftermath on a family in a London suburb. This seems an unlikely premise for a story but suspend disbelief and you will enjoy this book. KP previously wrote the very satisfying Mistress of Nothing, and I enjoyed listening to her talk at the Calgary Writer’s Fest in October 2014.