The Female Persuasion – Meg Wolitzer

Meg WolitzerMs. Wolitzer is a very fine writer (e.g. The Wife) but this is her best book so far. This is a sensational relationship book: relationships between men and women, but most importantly, between women. The themes of feminism and an apparently supportive sisterhood are linked to some astonishing acts of betrayal. The characters are vivid and realistic and the progression of the story is superb. Highly recommended; one of the best in 2018 so far.

The Wife – Meg Wolitzer

Wolitzer is a wonderful writer (The Interestings). This is an insightful book about a woman married to a writer who has become famous. There is a precise description of life in the 1950s for women – confronting boundaries and restrictions; the power of withholding. The slow reveal of the depth of what appears to be a one-sided relationship is enticing. This book reminded me of a Kate Christensen novel, The Great Man, also a great read.


Amy notes: in 2018 this book was released as a movie. The movie is fine, but Glenn Close as the titular wife is excellent.