The Dickens Boy – Thomas Keneally

The acclaimed author of Schindler’s List and The Daughters of Mars (just 2 of his 33 books) has turned his attention to his Australian homeland. Edward Dickens, the 10th and youngest child of his father Charles Dickens, travels to Australia in 1868 at age 16 to make something of himself in the outback. What follows is written with impeccable detail of the following two years: sheep shearing and cricket, encounters with Aboriginals (darks), colonialists and criminals. Very entertaining.

The Daughters Of Mars – Thomas Keneally

the-daughters-of-mars-thomas-keneallyThis is a sweeping epic story of two Australian sisters who travel to Europe as nurses at the time if WWI.The settings: Egypt, Gallipoli and finally France. The chaos of war extends to medical care, and just as WWI is ending, Spanish influenza creates more death and suffering. There is a broad scope to this novel, particularly the role of women at this time. Keneally is the author of Schindler’s Arc, the Booker-prize winning novel that was transformed into the movie Schindler’s List.