NOS4A2 – Joe Hill

NOS4A2 Joe HillSometimes a fantasy book written in the horror genre is just so appealing and Hill (Stephen King’s son) is a go-to author (previous recommendation for Heart Shaped Box). In this book, the title is from the license plate on a vintage 1938 Rolls Royce Wraith car, and of course stands for Nosferatu (German for vampire). This is an imaginative story with portals between the physical world and the mind, with child abductions and serial killings: the story is violent with many vivid descriptions of pain and quite a few deaths, so be warned. If you like (occasional) horror books, this is a cracking good read.

The Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill

The Heart-Shaped Box by Joe HillSometimes a horror book can provide a cracking good story (think The Stand by Stephen King, but please no other King books). In this story, a malevolent ghost is out for revenge on the living. The main character who suffers this haunting is so remarkably unlikeable that it is interesting that we still hope for his survival in an epic battle between the living and the (un)dead ghost. Violent but still an enjoyable read, the old “and now for something entirely different”.