The Great Man – Kate Christensen

The Great ManOn one level, this is a great book about art in NY. But at its core, this is about relationships – the three women who were intimately involved in the life of a painter who has just died: his sister, wife and long-time lover. The story revolves around the different viewpoints of these three strong women, mostly from when they are old (70s-80s).

Under The Wide And Starry Sky – Nancy Horan

under-the-wide-and-starry-sky-nancy-horanA story of the complicated, often tempestuous relationship between Robert Louis Stevenson and his wife Fanny. The setting is constantly changing in the search for a climate that is healthy, a search that eventually leads to Samoa. (Horan wrote Loving Frank which is also excellent)

The Rosie Project – George Simsion

the-rosie-project-george-simsionAn engaging story set in Australia and NY, about difficulties in relationships by someone who probably has Aspergers syndrome. The interesting feature is the degree to which one’s odd personality can be compensated for (sorry for the awkward sentence).

Note from Amy: Sequel is the Rosie Effect.

The Woman Upstairs by Claire Messud

the-woman-upstairs-by-claire-messudIntrospective book about relationships (my favourite topic); a single woman teacher and a Lebanese-Parisian family of three. The “woman upstairs” is a female construct – quiet, polite and causes no trouble; because of putting oneself down, becomes invisible and discounted. There is a terrific section describing the difference between longing and desire.