Poles Apart – Terry Fallis

Poles Apart - Terry FallisFallis won the 2011 Canada Reads competition with The Best Laid Plans, a very funny book about Canadian politics. This new book is set in Orlando Florida. Everett Kane starts an anonymous feminist blog called Eve Of Equality which becomes wildly popular. Parts of the plot are unrealistic and sometimes predictable, but it is a guilty pleasure to read a feel good novel from time to time.

King John Of Canada – Scott Gardiner

king-john-of-canada-scott-gardinerWhat with the recent fuss over the royal visit, this book presents the case for a Canadian monarchy, chosen by lottery! There is some very funny satirical writing about Canadian politics: Quebec separation and the Rest Of Canada, Alberta and Toronto politics – these sections are written perfectly. There are also some interesting contrasts with American politics (gun control, etc).  My only issue with the book is that I didn’t like the ending. Nevertheless, a fun read so thank you Amy.