Indigenous authors

David notes in his review of Kiss of the Fur Queen that his intention is to read more indigenous authors, in light of the ongoing issues of reconciliation and appropriation.

I (Amy) have added a new tag, “indigenous author” so that David’s book reviews can be more easily found on this blog. After discussion with David, I have chosen to tag Joseph Boyden and Thomas King as indigenous authors, as they both identify as indigenous. I know there individual arguments for each that their identification is appropriation. An important discussion. In light of the importance of indigenous stories, I’m choosing in this context to go with authorial self-identification.

Introduction to 2016

Reading resolution for 2016: to read FEWER books by being more discriminating, in part by abandoning books that do not engage me. Some of you know that my past habit has been to just read more quickly when I am unengaged in a book so essentially I descend to skim reading which is a waste of my time and makes my inclusion of such a book fraudulent in relation to my book totals. So far in January, I did abandon one book!