Beartown – Fredrik Backman

Beartown - Fredrik BackmanSimply put, this is a superb book. The setting is universal, a small forest town in decline, where all the town’s hopes and aspirations are placed on the 17-year old shoulders of the boy’s hockey team. Importantly, the story is so much more than sports competition, the emotions of winning and losing. In fact, winning in hockey is the benchmark for success of the entire town; in essence, the future of the town depends on winning at hockey so the stakes are incredibly high. And  then a sexual assault tears the town apart. The book explores with great insight many key relationships: coach and team, teammates pledging unwavering loyalty, husbands and wives and their children. It is unexpected to have a discussion on sorrow and longing but the book is rich in philosophical musings. Backman also uses foreshadowing very effectively. Highly highly recommended.

4 thoughts on “Beartown – Fredrik Backman”

  1. Hi David, I’m a friend of Erin (a friend of Amy’s). I just read Us Against You the sequel to Beartown. Excellent book on prioritizing people over sports ambitions in a hockey town. Good stand alone story because I didn’t know about the authors first book! Thanks for the recommendations! You are my go to for reading ideas. Leslie


    1. Hi Leslie:
      If you liked Us Against Them, then you will love Beartown which is even more dramatic. Happy reading in the new year.


  2. I really enjoyed Us Against Them as well. I find the use of foreshadowing in his books very compelling. You think you know where the story is going- and then you find out you don’t. It is a lesson in not thinking you know all the answers given a limited set of facts.


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